Luminaire XP1 Sewing & Embroidery Machine



Creative perfection has never been easier. The Luminaire XP1 Sewing & Embroidery Machine is the new ultimate luxury sewing experience. Packed with cutting-edge technology found nowhere else, it frees you to accomplish your sewing, quilting and embroidery dreams.

The Luminaire Innov-is XP1 has been designed in response to your need for exclusive, industry-leading features which let you create larger projects than ever before. Make your projects larger with the 408 x 272mm frame, the largest that Brother currently offers. The Luminaire Innov-is XP1 is also the only sewing machine to feature a built-in, interactive projector, bringing a new level of precision to the home sewist.

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Combination Sewing & Embroidery Machine


There’s a new star in the sewing world. Presenting the Luminaire Innov-is XP1 Sewing & Embroidery Machine. Adorned with revolutionary StitchVision Technology, which through an innovative projection of light, helps you find perfection in every stitch. It’s an enlightened sewing, embroidery and quilting experience, powered by technology that’s light years ahead.

Achieve the unimaginable with 165 square centimetres of workspace. Projects of any size are easily managed. Our largest 33cm needle- to-arm distance is a dream for any quilter with the ability to accommodate a rolled king-sized quilt!

The Brother Luminaire Innov-is XP1 also comes with the exclusive My Design Centre, which integrates InnovEye Technology with design techniques such as line art scanning, illustration scanning and the ability to create stippling and free-motion-like stitching without the use of a PC, software or stitch regulation.


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